The growing world population, ongoing globalisation, climate change and changing eating habits are the key megatrends for the global FMCG market. These trends continue to drive demand for food and renewable energy in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Professional staff and a sound financial basis make the Ukrainexport one of the leading players in this industry of the future.  

Our mission is to pursue the primary goal of becoming a widely recognized international standard company with high level of business standards. To become a stronghold qualified firm in the supply and distribution of quality products that meet precise requirements of efficacy, safety and efficient product usage. To achieve a suitable organization objectives through competence, hard work and fostering team spirit which brings about collaboration of our work teams so as to deliver good business transactions to our clients. To attain our business endeavors and targets which requires us to be consistent and continuously moving forward which requires us putting in more efforts in our set projects. 

Our vision at Ukrainexport is to become an international company with an esteemed brand name focusing on satisfying our clients and customers with top quality products. We believe that by working out better working techniques, we can define our development path and closely control the growth of our business. We believe in the process of working hard to build a sustainable business, we never forget the human side of our mission on which our success is dependent.