Our Products 

Ukrainian Seed Oil
100% Natural Seed Oil
Ukrainian Beet Sugar
High Grade Sugar from organic beet Sugar ready for export
Ukrainian Urea Fertilizer Exporting
High grade Urea fertilizer for all type of fresh produce agriculture
Wheat , Flour & Barley
High quality organic flour , barley and other dry food produce
Ukrainian Cooking Oil
Organic 100% pure Sunflower & other vegetable Oil
Agriculture Fertilizer
Agriculture Fertilizer & related products
Canned Vegetable & Juice
Canned Vegetable & Juice
Condiments Products
Ukranian Condiments
Ukrainian Conserved Canned foods
Canned foods
Ukrainian Grains
Whole grain, weat, barley
Rebars & Metal Sheet Products
Construction Metal & Supplies
Copy & Printing Papers
Laser & Inkjet Papers
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       US main office   +1 (703) 552-5265

             Ukraine Office    +380-67-666-5966