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About Ukraine Export USA Company

Ukraine Export USA  Management office

US main office  +1 703-436-9797

Ukraine office   +380-67-666-9566

Ukrainian Export & Consulting LLC. 

Ukraine Export USA was founded by Leo Arman Doski  which both own several business enterprises in the USA & Ukraine. The company started from basic car exporting from the US & Canada to Ukraine in 2009 and found it's way exporting Ukrainian products to the US, Canada, and several other Eastern European & Middle East.  The company has been building a vast network of logistic and custom brokers in Ukraine . 

An important part of our strategy is to nurture long term partnerships with our clients based on respect, professionalism, and communication. All of our personnel is completely bilingual, and we have full understanding of the requirements and business culture of the different countries in Eastern Europe. This intimate knowledge of the Ukrainian market gives us a flexibility of action that in many occasions the manufacturer or vendor of the product does not possess allowing us to resolve problems and satisfy our customers without incurring in additional time and costs.

As licensed Exporter in the US & Ukraine we do have a long list of trustworthy well known Freight Brokers which they can arrange for all transportation form the beginning of your cargo’s journey until the very end. We have been in the  Export , Consulting and logistic business for many years, we know how important proper transportation logistics are to your business’s supply chain, budgetary demands, and ultimately, to your bottom-line. That is why we bring you our commitment to be reliable and resourceful. As a 3PL (Third party logistics company), we do hundreds of shipments monthly including LTL and FTL. We have had direct experience with inland freights and know the frustration with the high costs and delays associated with them.

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